Theater camp in Catskills changes lives of aspiring Broadway stars.

Stagedoor Manor Reviews

Unlike many traditional summer camps, Stagedoor Manor (founded in 1971 by actress Natalie Portman and her sisters) focuses on the world of theatre. Its alumni include actors like Jon Cryer and Zach Braff, as well as theatre composers, writers and performers such as Jeanine Tesori and Nicky Silver.

Alexandra Shiva’s sloppy documentary portrait of the kids in this famous Catskills workshop is a little scattered, but it’s mostly engaging.

What to Expect

With its savvy comic sensibility and references to such theater camp classics as “Wet Hot American Summer” and the real-life stories of the famed Stagedoor Manor workshop in the Catskills, this is an agreeable portrait of teens with Broadway dreams. But it’s also a bit of a missed opportunity: By staying cool and distant from its subjects, director Alexandra Shiva misses the chance to examine the sublimated competition, insecurity and class issues that boil under the glitzy facade.

If you believe that stars are made rather than born, credit the staff at this performing arts summer camp in the Catskill mountains for molding quite a few. Jon Cryer, Natalie Portman and Mandy Moore are among the notable alumni of this legendary institution that has long served as a farm system for Hollywood and Broadway. And the list of kids whose lives were changed by their stint at Stagedoor could fill volumes. But, despite its illustrious history, the camp is far from utopia: Kids here break off into their own cliques and play passive or aggressive roles within them.


Mickey Rapkin, the author of Pitch Perfect (2008), which exposed the riotous collegiate a capella circuit, returns with Theater Geek to capture an equally roiling realm, this time the renowned performing arts camp Stagedoor Manor in New York’s Catskill Mountains. Ahead of the camp’s seventieth anniversary, he spends the summer among the young thespians and their counselors, and witnesses how the experience transforms them from child actors into devoted students and, in many cases, Broadway stars.

When the Samuelson daughters Cindy and Debra took over their parents’ business, they made significant improvements in the camp, which now resides in a former Catskills Borscht Belt resort hotel (the Karmel). Each three-week session sees the 170+ staff mount 42 fully realized productions in eight onsite venues (3 proscenium theaters, 2 black boxes, a theatre-in-the-round, and a natural outdoor amphitheater). In addition to staging Broadway hits, Stagedoor is also known as a farm system for Hollywood, with notable alumni including Mandy Moore, Natalie Portman, and Zach Braff.


Before there were Glee or American Idol, there was Stagedoor Manor, the theatre camp in the Catskill Mountains where Natalie Portman, Jon Cryer, Zach Braff and countless other child stars got their starts. Their riveting stories (and the camp’s colorful, star-studded history) are recounted in Theater Geek, a funny, eye-opening chronicle of a place where Broadway hopefuls meet to find kindred spirits, and maybe even themselves.

The film follows a handful of kids through the audition process, acting class and dress rehearsals, to performance weekend and the moment the car ride home makes everything that happened seem dreamlike. Rapkin gives attention to Nicole Doring, a self-deprecating would-be comedienne; Randi Kleiner, a take charge type; and Maddy Weinstein, an endearingly blunt 15-year old with an autistic brother.

Aside from a full schedule of 14 productions each three-week session, Stagedoor offers opportunities for the kids to work with professional Broadway and regional actors. In addition, they are able to workshop new MTI High School Edition musicals (including Andrew Lippa’s The Wild Party and Sweeney Todd, with Stephen Sondheim himself e-mailing changes). This is a rare opportunity for children to be exposed to the world of professional theater at a very young age.


Nestled in the ghost town vacation resorts of a lost era in upstate New York’s Catskill mountains is Stagedoor Manor, America’s premiere theater workshop for kids age 10-18. The real-life summer camp that inspired Todd Graff’s endearing 2003 film Camp is thriving here, despite its dwindling clientele of Manhattan kids.

Rather than the typical summer activities of swimming and horseback riding, Stagedoor provides total theater immersion within its magical walls, where students learn from directors, choreographers, and vocal coaches with years of experience motivating and guiding young performers. The program offers both full-scale shows and more than 60 beginner to advanced classes.

While the kids are a diverse bunch, they all share similar challenges at home: many of them feel like misfits in their regular schools, have ADD or other attention-deficit disorders, and some consider show business their dream career. Director Alexandra Shiva demonstrates a keen eye for the unique idiosyncrasies of these rarefied outcasts, capturing their naiveté, self-confidence, and insecurity with sensitivity.

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The Cost and Lifestyle of Manor Living.

How Much Does a Manor Cost?

A manor is a large estate that includes both land and buildings. It is a self-sustaining community that allows people to live in comfort and wealth.

The lord of the manor has authority over all inhabitants of his estate. He can levy taxes and hold court to settle disputes. He also can punish anyone who violates his edicts.

Cost of Land

For most people, buying land and building their dream house is a huge investment. It’s important to consider resale value when making this decision. It’s also essential to find a piece of land that is within your budget.

Land is an attractive investment because it has a high return on investment. It’s a finite resource, so it will increase in demand and price over time. It also requires little maintenance, and can be used for agricultural purposes, which provides a steady income.

A manor is a large house that offers an aristocratic lifestyle for its inhabitants. It can cost 20,000 to 10,000 gp, depending on how large it is and how many servants it has. To calculate its price, you must subtract out sales costs, taxes, and profit (if any). This leaves net revenue as the maximum cost to build the manor.

Cost of Building

If you want to build a large manor, it will cost more than an ordinary house. It will require more materials and may cost up to twice as much per square foot of land. It can also take longer to build a manor than a normal house.

Manors can be used to provide a lifestyle for PCs that is better than living on the streets. A typical manor includes a large main house with many rooms, four side buildings, and cottages. It can also include fifteen servants and revenue from taxation. Depending on the level of the manor, it can be worth up to 100,000 gp. This is enough to buy a Duke crown for a level 13 character or higher. This will make them the lord of Blenheim.

Cost of Maintenance

Manors are large estates that are often luxurious and beautiful. They may have many rooms and a variety of features, such as swimming pools or gardens. Many of these properties are also used for events, such as weddings. There are also manors that are used for agriculture.

Historically, a manor was an agricultural domain in medieval Europe that included an abode and other edifices like barns and stables. They were owned by lords who employed peasants to work the land. They were based on the feudal system of granting lands to nobles in exchange for loyalty and military service.

Modern manors are usually a large rural estate. These estates can have a variety of features, such as gardens, lakes, and woodlands. They can be found in a variety of architectural styles, including mellow Cotswold stone and sturdy brick. They are often designed to evoke the past, but they can also incorporate modern luxuries such as integrated sound systems and state-of-the-art kitchens.

Cost of Staff

There are many factors to consider when determining how much you should be paying for a job. For example, the cost of living in a city can vary greatly depending on your career and income level. PayScale’s cost of living calculator can help you estimate how much it will cost to live in a specific area.

The average salary for MANOR employees is around $70,985 per year. This estimation is based on data collected from past and current employees. It does not include the salary of managers or other upper management staff.

The highest-paid jobs at MANOR are head of sales, consultant, and registered nurse. The lowest-paid jobs at MANOR are waitress and resident advisor. MANOR offers a variety of benefits to its employees. These benefits include medical, dental, and vision insurance. It also provides retirement plans and life insurance. In addition, MANOR offers tuition reimbursement and flexible work hours. This information is based on employee self-reported data and may not accurately represent the views of The Manor.

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Theater immersion summer camp in Loch Sheldrake with famous alumni and professional instruction.

Stagedoor Manor – Total Theater Immersion in Loch Sheldrake, NY

Since 1976, children have stepped on Stagedoor Manor’s stages for an intense introduction to theater. Among its alumni are actors Natalie Portman, Zach Braff and Jon Cryer and director Shawn Levy.

At the camp, theatre professionals teach kids how to put on full-scale shows in a professional summer stock setting. One of those instructors is Nat Davies, an assistant professor at Lees-McRae College.

Program Supervisor

Hayley Samen is the Program Supervisor at Stagedoor manor. She oversees the college connection programs and is passionate about helping our students through the college process. She has three degrees in education and believes that each student has a different path to higher learning.

Stagedoor Manor is located at 15 Stage Door Dr, Loch Sheldrake, NY 12759, United States. It is a performing arts summer camp.

For more than 45 years, Stagedoor Manor has given children total theater immersion and all the fun of a great summer camp. Now the only performing arts summer camp of its kind, it has become more than just a place to have a good time.

Associate Producer

Located in a former Catskills Borscht Belt resort, Stagedoor Manor offers total theater immersion plus all the fun of a great summer camp. Every student at the program, for ages 10-18, is involved in full-scale productions in 8 onsite venues each session.

Each three-week session produces 9 musicals and 5 plays, as well as Dramafest (one-act playwrighting competition) and two unique cabaret style performances. The company also partners with MTI to workshop new high school editions of such shows as Aida, Sweeney Todd, and Rent.

Program Director

The Catskill mountains have long been a popular vacation destination and large hotels popped up. These hotels eventually became summer camps and private schools. Some of these are now thriving, while others have become decrepit. Stagedoor Manor is one such facility that is surviving thanks to its rich history and prestigious alumni.

The program director is in charge of putting together a show each session. They will work with a full design team and, if the show is musical, a music director. They also teach classes and run audition workshops throughout the week.

Assistant Director

Located on the grounds of the old Catskills Borscht Belt resort Karmel Hotel in Loch Sheldrake, NY, Stagedoor is a unique arts training center that offers total theater immersion. It hosts three three-week sessions each summer for 300 theater-loving young people from around the country and six continents.

Directors at Stagedoor oversee one show each session – either musical or non-musical. They work with a full design team and music director (if musical) to create the shows.

Nat Davies (BA Theatre, 2016) is a UM grad who has worked at the camp for two seasons. She currently resides in NYC and is working professionally as a dancer.

Stage Manager

Stage Door Manor is a performing arts training center located in Loch Sheldrake, New York. The organization offers total theater immersion in a summer stock setting for students 10-18. The program has eight theaters and 42 shows each summer, and offers beginner to advanced classes.

The stage manager is in charge of calling all technical and production cues during a live performance. They also create a master copy of the script called the prompt book, which contains blocking notes and all other technical cues in a clear and organized manner.

Production Manager

If stars are made, not born, Stagedoor Manor performing arts summer camp in Loch Sheldrake is the place. It has helped mold Natalie Portman, Jon Cryer, Robert Downey Jr., Lea Michele and Zach Braff, among others. Agents have been known to make the two-hour drive from New York to scout up-and-coming talent there.

Responsibilities include taking attendance at rehearsals, recording blocking, creating props and sound request lists, running tech rehearsals, house managing (dependent on space), calling the shows and post-show cleanup.

Located at 116 Karmel Rd, Loch Sheldrake, NY 12535, the company offers various benefits to its employees.

Production Assistant

Located in Loch Sheldrake, New York, Stagedoor Manor is a former Catskills Borscht Belt resort complex. The facility houses a variety of theatre spaces and is home to over 42 productions each summer. The company also offers an extensive list of classes.

When she’s not in the classroom, Hayley Samen is working with Stagedoor families to help them navigate the college process. She believes that all students have unique journeys and needs, and is committed to making higher education more equitable for all. Samen has been at Stagedoor for so long that she’s lost count.

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The Premier Theater Training Program for Teens in the Catskill Mountains

Stagedoor Manor Schedule

Located in the Catskill Mountains, Stagedoor Manor is the most pre-eminent theater training program for teens. Each summer, students put on full-scale productions in an exciting summer stock atmosphere and take beginner to advanced classes.

Director Justin Rapkin follows five young campers through their last summer at the legendary theater camp, where casting directors have spotted stars like Natalie Portman and Zach Braff.

Summer Session 1

Located in an old Catskills Borscht Belt resort in Loch Sheldrake, NY (2 1/2 hours from NYC), Stagedoor Manor is the premier theater training center for kids age 10-18. Students experience total theatre immersion and get a taste of what it’s like to be on Broadway.

Each three-week session features 42 full-scale productions in 8 onsite theaters (3 proscenium, one theater-in-the-round and two black boxes) and over 60 beginner to advanced classes. There are no auditions; every student is in a musical or play.

Child actors exert a droll fascination. Their contradictions – flamboyant personalities and Spartan discipline, their desire to perform amid constant rejection – seem almost magical. In Theater Geek, Mickey Rapkin, the author of Pitch Perfect (which exposed the riotous world of collegiate a cappella performance), spends a summer among this unusual breed at the famed performing arts camp known as Stagedoor Manor in New York’s Catskill Mountains. He brings a journalist’s eye to the drama of camp life and the peculiar obsession that drives these kids to pursue their passion.

Summer Session 2

Each summer, Stagedoor Manor in upstate New York gives young people ages 10-18 an immersion in the magic of theater. Located in the former Catskills Borscht Belt resort town of Loch Sheldrake, the 170 staff members mount 42 fully-realized productions over the course of three weeks. Students perform in one of the 8 onsite theaters, including two prosceniums, one theatre-in-the-round and two black boxes, as well as participate in over 60 beginner to advanced classes.

In addition to the main productions, there are also a number of workshops that explore specialized areas of theater. These include musical theater, dance and acting for film and television.

Before there was Glee or American Idol, there was Stagedoor Manor. Located in the Catskill Mountains of Sullivan County, New York (2 1/2 hours north of NYC), it has been training young actors since 1976 and is known as the preeminent theater program for teens in the United States. It is where Natalie Portman, Robert Downey Jr., Ansel Elgort, Lea Michele and countless other stars got their start.

Summer Session 3

Located in the former Catskills Borscht Belt resort town of Loch Sheldrake, New York, Stagedoor Manor provides total theater immersion. Each summer students ages 10-18 participate in full-scale shows and classes in a supportive summer stock environment. Throughout the three weeks of each session, 42 fully realized productions are created in 8 onsite theaters (including 2 proscenium theatres, one theater-in-the-round, and two cabaret style spaces) with over 60 beginner to advanced classes.

The camp is the birthplace of Broadway stars and a place where Natalie Portman, Robert Downey Jr, Ansel Elgort, Rachel Dratch, Lea Michele and Jon Cryer started their careers. Theater Geek, journalist Mickey Rapkin’s follow-up to Pitch Perfect, explores the wildly diverse world of children who perform at the famous summer program. Through the stories of five kids, the book uncovers the contradictions of the profession: flamboyant personalities and Spartan discipline, extrovert’s desire to please and the innate need to perform.

Summer Session 4

Before Glee and American Idol, there was Stagedoor Manor, a theater camp in the Catskills where kids as young as six stepped onto its stages to take part in intense, exhilarating and magical three-week productions. The program acted as an actor farm for Broadway and Hollywood, drawing visitors like Natalie Portman, Zach Braff, Lea Michele, Jon Cryer and more.

Each summer the students, ages 10-18, mount 42 shows in their 8 onsite theaters (3 proscenium, 2 black boxes, a theatre-in-the-round and a natural outdoor amphitheater) while taking over 60 beginning to advanced classes. Located in the former Catskills Borscht Belt hotel at Loch Sheldrake, NY, each session runs for 3 weeks.

Full scholarships available!

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